Project Description

In 2012, New Mexico and Arizona celebrated the 100 year anniversary of their entrance into the Union.  Along with California, these states are also seeking to maintain their national leadership in growth and renewable energy development for the next century.  The name “Centennial West” honors the legacy of these states, while setting the course for the next century for the sustained growth of the region.

The Centennial West Clean Line will create thousands of temporary and permanent jobs, reduce pollution, save water relative to traditional electric generation, and, in a future with electric vehicles, will help improve our national security and diversify America’s energy supply. 

Centennial West Clean Line Quick Facts

  • The Centennial West Clean Line will deliver 3,500 megawatts of the best renewable energy from New Mexico and Arizona to communities in California and other areas in the west that have a strong demand for clean, reliable energy.

  • The Centennial West Clean Line will transport clean power via an approximately 900-mile overhead, direct current transmission (DC) line.

  • The development and construction of the Centennial West Clean Line is estimated to cost $2.5 billion and will make possible another approximately $7 billion of new renewable energy investments.

  • In an area of the country with water in short supply, the Centennial West Clean Line will save 2.8 billion gallons of water annually that would otherwise be lost due to evaporation in cooling thermal power plants. This is the equivalent of almost 4,200 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or the annual water use of 20,000 American families.

  • The Centennial West Clean Line will deliver enough clean renewable energy to power approximately 1.9 million homes.

  • Clean Line will fund the development costs of the project. Renewable energy generators and utilities that purchase transmission capacity on the line will pay for usage of the Centennial West Clean Line.